5 Ways to Eat Like a Local

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How do you find the best places to eat?  No matter where we go us humans like to eat, and when we travel we need to know where the best places are to get some grub!

You may think, “why is she writing this, I can find somewhere to eat”.  Of course you can, but when we travel we try to avoid the chain restaurants and tourist stops.  Finding the hidden gems are worth a little extra work.

Trying new local foods, not over paying and of course, safety and cleaniless are a big consideration.  So, how do you find the right places for a great meal and experience?

1. Use an App to find local places to eat

There are a number of smartphone apps available now that can help tourists find great places to get a meal while traveling.  Localeats.com, and review sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp are all great resources.

One of my favorites before starting DonnaUnbound was TripAdvisor.  I would love to write about places we visited, things we did and where we ate to help other travelers find those spots as well.  Now you can visit DonnaUnbound each week to get great tips on things such as amazing local restaurants. 

2.  Search Instagram hashtags

Not as popular are instagram hashtags for the area you’re in.  You can hashtag the city, such as #SanFrancisco and see if the same location keeps coming up.  You’ll get to see items on the menu, the presentation and amount of food served.  Personally, I don’t like to be served a weeks worth of food while traveling and then asked if  want a to-go bag.  Note as well that outside the US, to-go bags/boxes are not as popular.

3.  Ask the locals where to eat

The best way is to ask those who live there.  If you want to eat like a local – ask a local where they eat!  Local vendors, concierge, and other hotel or store employees are usually happy to tell you about where the good places are.  Also, ask the hotel barkeeper, where he/she likes to eat and drink.  You’ll get a great local place to hangout as well.

4.  Food Tours

This is a great idea in cities that have companies offering food tours.  On our trip to Rome, Italy a few years ago we did a food tour on our last day.  It was the highlight of the trip, with visits to 8 local shops and street vendors.  The food was amazing and I wish we had done it earlier in our trip because there were a few places we definitely would have returned to.  The company we used was smaller than they are now and are currently called Eating Europe.  They operate in Italy, London, Amsterdam, Prague, and Paris.  Book early to get the dates, times, and tour you want.  I suggest booking early in your trip, you may find some where you’d like to go back and eat at again.

Also, check out websites for the cities you plan on visiting.  A quick Google search of your city’s food tours would let you know what might be available.  Nashville, New Orleans, Miami, and areas of New York City, such as Brooklyn, Greenwich Village, and the Lower East Side all have tours.

5.  Pinterest Search for Places to Eat

Another web location to check is Pinterest.  More and  more travel bloggers, and those who like to document their travels are posting and saving their experiences on Pinterest.  everything from information on the city with some ideas of where to eat, or a full post on where to go eat during your trip.  You name the place I’m sure there is a pin on Pinterest about it.  Check out my Pinterest page for Travel Food Ideas. 

Make sure to try some of the local specialties.  We’ve tried haggis in Scotland,  warthog and ostrich in South Africa, everything from take away arancini to real gelato in Italy.  

Comment below and tell us about local places you’ve found while traveling, and you find where to eat on your adventures.

5 ways to find great places to eat while traveling
Eat like a local
How to eat like a local while traveling and find the best food and drink
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