Rome, Italy. Avoid the lines into the Colosseum.

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The view from Hotel Lancelot.  Our hotel room patio view.

I researched our trip to Italy for a long time and found we could avoid the lines at the Roman Colosseum by doing one simple things. 

Wanting to see both Palatine Hill/Roman Forum and the Roman  Colosseum,  our research found that tickets could be purchased at Palatine Hill for both locations.  Arriving at Palatine Hill and approached the ticket counter finding one small group with children completing their purchase.  We walked right up to the counter, bought our tickets and started our first “tour” of Italy.

Skip the lines at the Roman Colosseum.  Visit Palatine Hill first.

Skip the Colosseum lines

Buying your tickets at Palatine Hill allows you to skip the very long lines at the Colosseum!  This is nothing to be taken lightly, as the lines at the Colosseum can be hours long.

After a wonderful walk through the Palatine where, we left and headed for the Colosseum.   Quick piece of advice:  Do not buy water from the stands selling food/drink outside the Palatine; although you will will be hot and tired. Bring or buy  a refillable bottle before going in and you will find fountains with very cold potable water to fill with while inside.  Incredibly this water is the coldest, freshest water I have ever tasted.  The aqueducts system, developed by the ancient  Romans has been delivering water using the gravity driven system for ages.

We were able to avoid the lines when we reached the Colosseum go right in! OH the looks we got from people standing in a 3 hour long line!  This is a must see. You can’t miss this, it is just amazing. We did not do a tour but did download the Rick Steves pod cast and listened to that.

Gladiators and pick pockets

Outside the Colosseum there are many people hawking everything from scarfs, hats, swords etc.  beware of the gladiators outside waiting to take pictures with you.  Make sure you set the price ahead of time otherwise they will badger you for more, which we saw happen to a few people.  In large crowds anywhere you need to be aware, but pick pocketing is rampant around the tourist areas. 

It is truly a marvel to see, and learn from it, as it stands today.  Construction continually is performed to attempt to slow the deterioration of this landmark.  

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