Should we let our hair go grey?

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To dye or not to dye….

Is it time to consider letting our hair go grey? For some women changing hair color is like changing socks.  I’ve seen everything from black to purple, green to pink.  You name it, I’ve seen it.  Highlights, low lights, balayage.   Long hair, short hair, geometric cuts.  Pick your favorite.  I’m definitely one who loves to change it up every now and then. 

For many of us we’ve found it.  At least one grey hair.  For most of us over 50 ladies there are more than one.  Many more, and although some have embraced the change others, like myself, have attempted to prolong our natural color a bit longer.  However,  lately I’ve been asking is it time?  Time to ditch the dye?

I’ve been dying my hair for years  now.  Highlights in the summer, single tone in the winter.  But until now I’ve never considered letting it go.  Each time those greys would try to pop out and broadcast  my natural state, I’d fight them back with a few hours in the hairdressers chair and a much lighter wallet.  My motto was I’m fighting them with everything I have.  

Until now.  Not sure what’s changed.  Maybe that’s just it.  Maybe it’s just time for a change.

What holds us back?

Of course the biggest hesitation to this decision is the fear of looking old.  We don’t want to admit it, to ourselves or others, but we associate grey hair with old age.   Fear of being considered old, unimportant, or insignificant leads us to hesitate.   Of course these words provoke strong emotions, and they should.  Older, of course,  does not mean unimportant or insignificant, and we know that. 

Still doesn’t mean we aren’t worried. We worry about the perception others will have, the impact on our careers, or looking in the mirror and seeing our mothers.   (not always a bad thing either)  Being a brunette, my concern is having the dark hair look out of place with my “wise” lines, otherwise known as wrinkles.  

Just keeping it real here. 

This has led to the question.  Dye or not to dye.

Many women are choosing to go natural and let the natural grey come in.  Embracing the change.   There are some advantages of course.

  • Ditching the bottle saves you a ton of money on hair appointments
  • Besides money, you’ll save time no longer needing those long appointments every 3 – 6 weeks
  • Reducing the chemical contact to your skin
  • No more root lines
  • No more panicking when you can’t get an appointment and the grey is coming in

What’s in style right now?  Grey!

The new color right now is lavender grey hair.  I’ll admit I love it, maybe since many younger ladies are trying this color, it gives grey hair a younger feel, or maybe the lavender gives the grey a bright tone that makes it exciting.  Either way I love it.  

In 2018 grey is a trending color.  It’s modern, youthful and fun.  There are a few considered if you decide to go the natural route.  One being, do you currently dye your hair.  If so the decisions to either dye it progressively lighter colors to allow the grey to come in, or let the roots grow out and do one or multiple shorter hair cuts.  

Adding highlights to lighten the color, especially around the face will help you transition as well.  Whatever way you decide is best for you, if you currently dye it you have to be prepared to deal with the inevitable awkward phase of growing out some of it. 

I’m not suggesting you should throw in the towel and charge toward grey.  If you’re happy with the color you have, rock it!  There’s no rule that anyone needs to ditch the color at any age, time of life, or career point.  Do what works for you. 

No matter if/when you decide to let your hair go natural you are beautiful, inside and out!   

What are your thoughts on the topic?  Let us know.  

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