Important Travel Safety Tips

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Travel safety is a topic we haven’t covered, but it’s one I take very seriously.  Not only safety while you are traveling, but securing your home while you are gone as well.  

Important travel safety tips

Keeping your home safe while away

Travel safety tip #1 looks at what to do before you leave home.  While you are away make sure to take a few steps to secure your home while you are away.  Invest in a timer for lights and set them to go on and off.  Ask trusted neighbors to keep an eye on the house, pick up the mail and take the trash to the curb.  Try to keep things looking like it usually does.  You can also have your mail stopped at the post office if you’d like.  Make sure to check all the windows and doors and don’t tell too many people that you won’t be home.   

Keep pictures of your vacation off social media until you return.  Don’t tell the world your home is unprotected.

Travel safety reseach

Check the US Department of State website for any warnings of countries you plan to visit. This could even include being aware of counties that require a full blank page in your passport.  We know someone who traveled 25 hours to South Africa only to be turned around and sent home because he did not have an empty page in his passport.  

Let others know your plans

Leave an itinerary with family and friends and check in occasionally.  Let them know of changes to your plans and that you arrived safely. 

We always make sure our family is aware of plans and stay in touch throughout our trip.  This way if they don’t hear from us someone is aware that we may need assistance.

You’re going to stand out, but do your best

Important safety travel tips

It’s hard to try but not stand out.  Clothing is very regional and when we went to Italy we attempted to follow all the tips we read online and avoid looking like tourist.  I can say I’m not so sure we pulled it off.  Be aware you are going to stand out when traveling to other countries so try not to make it too obvious that you are tourist. Tourists, especially in large cities and tourist areas are targets for pick pockets and thieves.

Keep your valuables safe when traveling

When traveling and out for the day make sure you and your travel companions do not leave valuables out in the hotel.  If the hotel has a safe us it, or bring it with you.  Don’t keep all your money in one spot on you, spread it out in different areas. Use a travel money bag and no one person should have all your funds or documents.  

Hide cash in places such as;  empty lip balm containers, money belts, or secret areas of bags.  Just remember and don’t throw out that lip balm container.   We gifted my daughter an empty lip balm container with some secret cash  when she was in college, and it ended up in the trash because she forgot it has money in it. There are money belts that can clip to bra straps or even around your calf to wear under your pant leg. 

Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket.  It’s too easy to have it stolen.  Keep cash in your front pocket, and use the above ideas. Consider using a wallet that will fit in your pockets for safety. 

Important safety travel tips, money belt

Notify your bank when you travel

Another important travel safety tip is to notify you bank and credit card companies that you’ll be out of the area.  This will avoid having your credit and debit cards cut off while you travel possibility leaving you in a vulnerable situation. 

This is becoming more important as the banks and credit card companies are cracking down and trying to help avoid card and identity theft. 

Practice Situational Awareness

Always be aware of your surrounds.  Situational Awareness goes beyond knowing what is happening within a 3 foot bubble.  Keep your eyes alert, your head on a swivel and watch out for anything or anyone who looks out of place.  A great video to watch is one by a fellow leader of The Well Armed Woman, who runs Armed and Feminine.  Check out this short video that Kelly did. 

When on vacation we all enjoy some down time and drink.  Watch how much you drink,  drunk tourist make easy targets for theft and violence. There are too many stories of tourists in areas such as New Orleans during Marde Gras or Super Bowl events being robbed, beaten or worse. 

These important travel safety tips can help ensure a enjoyable vacation.  I hope you take these and enact them during your next vacation.  If you are planning a upcoming trip check out the post, 5  Saving for Vacation Tips . No one likes to come home from vacation to a huge credit card bill, have the funds saved before the trip and this post can help you do that. 

Important safety travel tips

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