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The gift giving season is upon us and every year the hardest ones to purchase for are the  most important on our gift lists, moms and grandmas.  One of those is my own mother, and as my own children ask me what I would like, I realize I’ve reached that point for them.  

mom and grandma gifts

Moms of all ages are always busy and they do so much for others; picking a gift to show our appreciation is important.  Just like when gifting for anyone else, considering what the person would like, what they could use, or what they need are all great places to start.

Here are few things that may help think of just the right thing for that special person on your list. 

Gift ideas for Moms and Grandmas

1. Jewelry 

Sites such as and Etsy are wonderful for beautiful pieces for moms or grandmas.  Birthstone necklaces, items that show off the children or just a beautiful piece that she can wear and treasure are great ideas.  Personally, I like jewelry that I can wear everyday to share and show off, not put away for “fancy” times.  

Necklace with children's names for moms and grandmas gift

2. Spa Treatments

Every women likes a little time to pamper themselves, and when a loved one gifts you with some time for just you it means even more.  Recognizing that moms and grandmas (and yes every lady out there) could use a little TLC, spa treatments make great gifts. 

Everything from a full spa day, to a massage and/or facial, are gift “home runs”.   Don’t forget items such as getting nails or hair done either.  Mom’s and grandmas all love to look their best. 

 3.  Spa day at home

If a spa treatment is just not possible, give the gift of some time to enjoy a bath and a good book.   Items such as bath bombs are very popular now and what mom or grandma wouldn’t like some time to soak in the tub with a good book.  

bath bombs are a great mom and grandma gift

4. Updated luggage

An item many ignore until its time to take it out of the closet and head off to see the grandchildren is luggage.  Update her luggage with a new piece that makes travel easier.  The under the seat carry on luggage is a great way to update grandma’s luggage and help her when she travels to see the grand kids!  This piece has wheels for easy transport, and fits neatly under the seat so no lifting over head necessary.  

Mom and grandma gift idea

5.  Websites to checkout

Some great websites to check out for unique gift ideas are:

  • of course.  Most peoples go to buying website now.
  •   This site is a wonderful place to check out unique, usually handmade items from new or small entrepreneurs.  If you’re looking for something a bit more personal check out Etsy, many of the sellers would be happy to work with you.
  •  I recently discovered this site and was excited to find some items that you wouldn’t find in other places.  From a DIY hot sauce kit, to wine soap or a Palo Santo cleansing kit (look it up I had no idea either). 

These were just some of the ideas for meaningful, appreciated gifts for moms and grandmas.  I did not include the most popular gift items this year, or the things on “everyone’s” lists.  

Moms and grandmas are looking for the thing they unwrap.  They are looking at the thought that was put into it.  We all want to give something the gift receiver likes.  There is nothing wrong with asking what mom would like this year;  just don’t be surprised when she says she doesn’t know!  

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