Everything changes; perspective of a women over 50

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This year I turned 52.  I don’t feel 52, honestly if I had to tell you a number I’m around 26 in my own head.  For most of my adult life I would have said 17, but in the last 2 years I went from 17 to 23 and now I’m around 26.  Some of that is most likely due to the ages of my daughters.  it would just be weird to say mentally I’m younger than my kids, but hey, my oldest is 27 and I’m sticking to my number,  in my own head I’m about 26.  

Now at 52 with two grown daugthers and two amazing grandchildren I have to say life rocks!  There are so many things about being over 50 that I’m finding outweigh the lower numbers.   For example: 

  • I can buy clothes that actually fit me; not 4 sizes too small to show off things that should be covered up.  
  • My credit score is larger than my car payment, not the other way around
  • I care less, with every passing year, about what someone thinks about me.  Actually, with each passing year, I’m realizing that people actually don’t think about others much at all.
  • I know who I am, and I’m comfortable in my own skin
  • And so many more…..
Be comfortable in your skin

Of course it’s not all fun and games as you get older.  I never used to make sounds when I got up from the sofa.  Suddenly the movement has sound affects along with it, and they aren’t good. When walking up the stairs my knees sound like a bowl of Rice Krispy treats,  and honestly how many times a night should a person need to use the bathroom?  

But all joking aside there are a few things about getting older than concerns me, and I’m sure many in the same age range have questions and concerns.  I’ve decide to turn my blog more toward those women in the same age range, primarily over 50. In the hope of building a community and location where we can discuss issues and concerns this new phase of life brings us.  

Topics such as;  career paths, rediscovering life as couple again, retirement, fashion, and of course the elephant in the room; menopause and sex after 50.  My goal is to build this site as a place of comfort, support, and information.  Please help me by spreading the word and directing others to DonnaUnbound.com 

No matter your age, how do you feel inside.  Women of any age, especially over 50 need to know they can still do whatever they put their minds to
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