5 Tips to avoid falling into the trap of working for the weekend.

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We all do it, we get up each morning and head out the door for work.  Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.  Eight to ten hours later we’re dragging ourselves back through the door, tired and hungry.  But wait, we still have to make dinner, clean up and unless there are kids in your home you may get to finally relax.  For maybe an hour and off to bed we go.  

Only to hear the alarm go off six or more hours later when we do it all over again.

Here are my 5 top ways to break out of the go to work, come home, repeat cycle.  

  1.  Set one day a week after work as your night out with your significant other or a friend.  Go to dinner, a movie, take a walk, pick up a new hobby, join a team (bowling, softball, cards).  When I learned to shoot we would made reservations at our local range on Thursday night.  Thursday was ladies night and range time was half price.  
  2. Start a workout program or move your work out schedule to a time after work.  If possible workout  outside as much as possible. Office workers spend too much time locked in a closed off buildings.
  3. Discuss with your co-workers the idea of starting an after work event.  This could be anything from dinner, hiking, shopping, exercising, or even exploring your city and visiting new places.  
  4. Join or organize a meet up https://www.meetup.com/  Meet up is a list of groups with common interests.  Everything from computer programming, travel, trying new local restaurants, kayaking, singles groups, bar hopping, and so many more.  If you don’t find one that fits your interests start one up. 
  5. Pull out your bucket list and find something you have wanted to do and set a date to make it happen.  Make any necessary plans and then go for it.    
  6.  A bonus idea:  Invite friends over and start a mid-week dinner exchange.  Pick a theme and each decide if it will be a pot luck event, or the host/hostess provides everything that week.  Rotate homes each week to keep things fresh and fun.

Working for the weekend makes for a very long week.  Break up your week with activities with fun and exploration.  Comment below and tell me what you like to do to break up the week.  

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